The Finishing Touch: Advanced Grammar Teacher's

Dimitris Siountris


Over the years, "The Finishing Touch" has established itself as a reliable and comprehensive grammar book for all advanced learners irrespective of what exam they are preparing for. Updated and revised, the current edition of "The Finishing Touch" reflects language needs as defined by the Common European Framework of References for the C1 and C2 levels. "The Finishing Touch" will help learners improve their communicative competency in all language-skill areas.

Each unit includes:

Innovative warm-up activities that focus on common problems C1 and C2 level learners encounter
explanations that are brief, understandable, and reliable contextualized examples with the onus on form, function, and meaning.

A wide variety of activities that develop both fluency and accuracy discourse-level consolidation that helps students develop numerous speaking, listening, reading, and writing sub-skills exam-related practice (e.g. multiple-choice, gap-filling, transformations, cloze passages, etc.)

There are also Review Units with further exam-related practice as well as speaking activities. The speaking activities in particular give students the opportunity to practice grammar and communication in tandem. "The Teacher's Book" includes the following:

- A clear explanation of the teaching aims of each unit
- Complete answers for all activities
- Further explanations, examples, elaboration, and activities in the Reference Section
- Teaching suggestions and guidelines for all speaking, reading, and writing activities
- Photocopiable review tests every two units with answer keys
- The Finishing Touch can be correlated with any C1 and C2 level coursebook.

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